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The Undead Plague ends today

We have good news and bad news. The good news is, if you hated dealing with zombies and the plague, it's going away in just a few hours. The bad news is, if you loved dealing with zombies and the plague, it's going away in just a few hours. Tigole confirmed it in a thread on the General forums, and also mentions that this isn't all that they have planned for the pre-Wrath umm... festivities, I guess?

He doesn't go into specifics about what will be happening next, but the plague is going away. The special bosses and the necropoli wil be around for awhile yet, a week for the former, a few days for the latter, but the zombies will be no more as of noon PST. Tigole also assures us that this had nothing to do with the whining. This part of the story had simply run its course. We have no idea what's next, but whatever it is, I can't wait to see it.

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Scourge Invasion: Lady Falther'ess

Alliance players, are you having fun globetrotting into dangerous Horde territories to track down these bosses? No? Well, too bad! This boss, Lady Falther'ess, is a level 37 banshee in Razorfen Downs, all the way at the bottom of the Barrens on Kalimdor.

The easiest way to get there as the Alliance is from Stormwind. Fly (or ride) down to Booty Bay, take the boat across the Ratchet, and then ride all the way down to Razorfen. The outside of the dungeon is a bit confusing to figure out, but you'll find the entrance eventually. Hint: It's inside the big decayed pig's head. For Horde players, getting here is easy. Fly to the Crossroads or Camp Taurajo and jog down.

She's pretty deep in there, so fight through the dungeon, no need for me to tell you how, and this is where you'll find Lady Falther'ess.

She's the purty lookin' one.

While you're here, if you have Cooking, make sure you talk to Henry Stern. If your skill is high enough he'll teach you how to make Goldthorn Tea. In addition, if you have high enough Alchemy skill, he'll teach you how to make Major Troll's Blood Elixirs.

Once you open her cage, the fight begins! She fights as most banshees you come across fight/will fight. Her melee attacks do Shadow damage. She has the ability Ribbon of Souls which just does more Shadow damage. She has a Silence called Banshee Shriek, and a curse that lowers your chance to hit called Banshee Curse.

Just be careful so your healer doesn't get silenced repeatedly, and this will be an easy fight for a level appropriate group. A level 70 can, of course, tear her up without worry. Once she's dead, snag your loot.

She drops primarily healer/caster loot, but don't worry about that too much, melee players. This dungeon has a lot of nice loot including one of the first plate drops you'll encounter, so convince your party to do the whole thing. Maybe you'll get lucky and Ragglesnout will spawn with his X'caliboar. It's a fun instance, anyway. If you don't see Mordresh Fire Eye at least once in your lifetime, Sylvanas will never love you. Or uh, Varian Wrynn? Thrall? I don't know how you people swing, you freaks. You're probably into that C'Thun stuff, aren't you?

Anyway, Lady Falther'ess drops a pretty good wand for the level, Lady Falther'ess' Finger. She also drops a pretty white spell power cloak, Mantle of Lady Falther'ess.

That's all for this boss, and while there's been a bunch of these bosses one after another from the early 20s, the next one isn't until level 60. Since we're already on Kalimdor for this boss, let's take a look at Dire Maul's Revanchion next.

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Scourge Invasion: Lord Blackwood

Lord Blackwood, found in the bowels of Scholomance in the Western Plaguelands, was one of the most popular invasion bosses back in 2006. One of his drops were so cool because it had a particle effect! Holy crap! That was a rarity back in our day. These days they'll put stars and glitter on any damn thing, but back when we were 60? We got our sparkly weapons from once (twice, I guess) in a lifetime world events or the bosses that were the very pinnacle for 40-man raiding. Yeah. Forty men. Sometimes women. Well, not forty women. Some men, and some women. Man, it doesn't matter. My point is, you kids don't know how good you have it!

Anyway, head on into Scholomance! If you don't know where this is, you should take the Western Plaguelands map and beat yourself with it. I'll give you a hint, though. It's on Caer Darrow. You 'need' a key to get in the front door, but if you don't have one there are alternatives.
  1. Bring a Rogue. If you lack Rogue...
  2. Kite dozens of undead all the way to Sorrow Hill so they can murder you outside of the door of Scholo, thus allowing you to rez on the other side of the door.
Easy! Okay, clear through the dungeon, you know how to kill things I'm sure. Fight your way down through the Summoning Chamber, and you'll come across this room here.

See the purple glowy guy? That's him. He patrols around the entire backside of the room, and I recommend clearing out the room, even some of the areas back there. He likes using his bow and arrows, so if he runs in that direction to get range, you're going to get some adds. That's bad.

When you engage Lord Blackwood, you'll very quickly discover he has a ton of health and armor. This fight is going to last awhile. Blackwood is the most difficult of the invasion bosses so far, because he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. One, the most basic, is he has Shield Bash. Keep him away from your Casters and Healers or he'll have a lot of fun interrupting them. To get to range, he'll use Smoke Bomb. You get stunned, and he runs off to start pelting you with his bow.

While at range, he uses a basic Shoot which does more damage than his basic melee swings. He also uses a Multi-Shot that hits multiple targets for Arcane damage. Basically, leaving him at range is a lot more dangerous than keeping him in melee, but he'll use Smoke Bomb fairly frequently to escape. That's why I suggested clearing as much of the room as you can before pulling him. When he starts running around trying to get range, he could easily pull a lot of extra mobs.

Once he's dead, you can take a look at your loot! He drops primarily tank loot, a shield and a sword. The shield is Lord Blackwood's Buckler and the sword is Lord Blackwood's Blade. Truly, that sword is a relic of the past. Back when particle effects meant something.*

For an added piece of trivia, Lord Blackwood shares his name with Blackwood Lake in the Eastern Plaguelands. It's very possible he used to own/oversee that region of Lordaeron before the Scourge came. These little details are sprinkled all throughout the Plaguelands. It's part of what made me love those zones so much back at 60.

Now that Blackwood is done, let's bop over to Stratholme and check out Balzaphon!

*I'm completely joking around here. I'm glad everyone gets cool stuff and there are more unique weapons in the game.

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Scourge Invasion: Balzaphon

Balzaphon, like Scorn, is a lich. Like Scorn (and most liches... lichen?), he's primarily a Frost-based caster. You can find him within the burning streets of Stratholme, and while you can get at him by going in the front door, it's much easier to use the eastern entrance that takes you straight to the Undead side of Stratholme. You need the Key to the City to get in through that way, so if you don't have it, bring someone with one! Or fight your way to this spot through the other entrance.
If you go in through the Undead side (as you should) then you'll see a fork in the road just inside. There's an open gate on the left, and a locked gate up ahead. You want to hang that left, where you'll see a fountain surrounded by undead. Clear a path to the right, watch for abomination patrols, and hang that right. You'll see Balzaphon right up ahead. Before you fight him, clear around him. He has a Fear, so you should be careful in this area.

Ready? Fight! He rapid-fires Frostbolts. And I mean rapid. He casts them very quickly, and he casts them one after the other. If he takes a break from that, he casts AOEs (Frostbolt Volley, Cone of Cold) instead. Your tank will need a whole lot of healin' here. When his health starts dropping, he'll start mixing Fears in there on people, which is why you cleared around him. It's very easy to get feared into nearby groups of undead.

It's a harder fight than the earlier bosses, but Lord Blackwood is a little more tricky, I think. You'll get Balzaphon down pretty easy, just stay alive longer than he does! Easy! Right?

Now, the loot. Again, Balzaphon is caster heavy. Sort of what you'd expect from a lich. He has a spell power necklace, Chains of the Lich. He has a spell power belt, the Waistband of Balzaphon, that is marked as being frost spell power only on Wowhead but I was under the impression they has removed all class-specific spell damage/power, so who knows! He also forks over his staff, Staff of Balzaphon, from time to time.

Back in the day, the biggest draw about this guy is that if you're after Argent Dawn reputation, he drops two Corruptor's Scourgestones and he's only a handful of pulls away from the entrance. You could farm up a dozen of the things in no time flat. If you're looking to complete the Argent Champion achievement and need a lot of Dawn rep still, this is a good place to go.

If you want other bonuses, if you go a bit further up the road from Balzaphon you'll come across The Unforgiven. It's only a few pulls away, so it's some extra loot and scourgestones. And if you want to go a little further than that you'll find Hearthsinger Forresten, who will sometimes drop the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire, a trinket that will annoy your friends for eternity.

That's it for the level 60 bosses from the Scourge Invasion! The only one left now is Tenris Mirkblood inside of Karazhan. Good luck!

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Scourge Invasion: Sever

Sever is a level 21 Abomination boss found in Shadowfang Keep only during the Scourge Invasion event. Moreover, Shadowfang Keep (and its associated quests on the Horde side) is the precursor to another upcoming storyline as mentioned by Blizzard (and beta testers) so I highly recommend giving this place a go if you haven't yet. Low level players will enjoy the drops here, and both low and high level players will appreciate seeing the story of this dungeon and your final opportunity to see a boss we may never see again.

If you're a new player playing Alliance and you're trying to get to Shadowfang Keep, you have quite a journey ahead of you. Shadowfang Keep lies in Silverpine Forest, in the northern Eastern Kingdoms. For Horde players, that's just a jog down the block. For Alliance, you'll be crossing half of a continent. It's easiest to start from Ironforge (if you're a Night Elf or Draenei, you can take the boat from Auberdine to the Stormwind Harbor, and from there take the tram to Ironforge) and run east to Loch Modan. From there, run north through the Loch, up through the Wetlands, east through the Arathi Highlands and the Hillsbrad Foothills, and then to the Keep itself in Silverpine.

That's pretty much what my map looked like the first time I tried to find the place. I saw the funny shaped island and said, "Ooooh that must be it!" That took me through a slightly more dangerous area than the real path. Follow the red arrow to the red circle. That's Shadowfang Keep.

If you and your group is into the story of WoW, wait until you're all there and go into the dungeon together. When you zone in, run straight ahead to the grate blocking you off from the courtyard and watch the show.

Once that's done, start clearing the dungeon! I won't ruin how to do it for any low level parties that are trying this place out, but I'll give a little guidance at least. You need to get to the courtyard to progress, but it's sealed off with a locked door. There's a way through it, so kill the baddies in this first area until you find it.

When you're in the courtyard, stop off and kill some ponies for a free bag. Sweet, sweet bags. Then you go to the right, where you're faced with a split in the road.

It's dark in Shadowfang Keep, so it's difficult to see in my screenshot, but there are two ways you can go here. Up the ramp, or through the door just left of the ramp which leads to the kitchen and banquet hall. If you just want Sever, you want to go up the ramp. If you want to see all of the bosses, you can hang a left and clear through the kitchen and banquet hall. Once you've done that, you can backpedal a little and go through Sever, then continue through the dungeon. The rest of the exploration is up to you! Have fun with Shadowfang!

We're not done with Sever himself, though. Sever is an abomination, and as you'd expect from abominations, he's a pretty physical fighter. He hits like a truck on level-appropriate players, but you should be okay. He's a tank and spank encounter. If you don't know what that means since this might be your first dungeon, it means he has very few gimmicks or tricky mechanics. Your tank tanks, and your DPS spanks him. He'll pound on the tank and every now and then cast Diseased Spit which does around 100 Nature damage and lowers your stamina a little. Nothing tricky, nothing scary. When he has roughly 40% of his health left, he'll Enrage and his melee damage will go waayyy up. I've heard people say he has an AOE Fear as well, but I've never actually seen him do it myself.

Once Sever is dead, enjoy your rewards! There are only two items on his loot table. There's a two-handed axe, The Axe of Severing, that is pretty good. He also has cloth leggings with spell power on them, Abomination Skin Leggings. Casters see very little spell power this early in the game, so this is actually an incredible drop for level 20ish players that don't have someone twinking them out. Heck, if you do have someone twinking you out, make them do it with these! They're fantastic.

And that's Sever! Your next target will probably be Scorn, whether you're high or low level. He's the closest in terms of difficulty and location, being level 30ish and up in the Scarlet Monastery.

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Scourge Invasion: Scorn

Scorn resides in the Graveyard wing of the Scarlet Monastery, which is actually quite convenient because the Headless Horseman is there during the Hallow's End event as well. As a high level player, you can take out two birds with one stone. As a low level player with friends willing to twink them out, you can get a shot at Scorn's loot and a ring that can sit in your bank for 40 levels until you can use it.

If you play Horde and have never been to the Scarlet Monastery before, it's right in the northeast corner of the Tirisfal Glades. You can just bop out of Undercity and scoot over. Alliance is going to have a rougher time. For directions, just look back on the ones I gave for getting to Shadowfang Keep. They're mostly the same, except you keep going north through Silverpine Forest and into Tirisfal Glades.

If you've never been there, this is where you want to go when you get to Tirisfal. Alliance, be careful and try to stay clear of the Horde towns and NPCs here. The guards (and players, probably) will kill you if you get too close.

The Graveyard is one of the two instance portals here that isn't behind a great big door. If you go inside of one and it says "The Library!" then you're not in the Graveyard. That would be... the Library. Fight your way through the dungeon, it's pretty linear so I won't explain how anything goes, but at the end you'll fight Bloodmage Thalnos. Killing him is what spawns Scorn, so you will need to clear both of the bosses. You don't need to clear all of the undead in the instance, just clear what you need to so you have room to move around.

While you're clearing, keep an eye out for the Graveyard's rare spawns for extra loot! If you want to use a simple /target Mob command or macro, their names are Azshir the Sleepless, Ironspine, and the Fallen Champion. No 'the' on his name, it's just Fallen Champion.

After Bloodmage Thalnos is dead, run back the way you came, toward the entrance/exit. You'll see Scorn eventually. He's a lich, you won't miss him. He'll be the big undead boney skirty floaty guy.

Scorn is, for the most part, a Frost Mage that hacks and also specced into Mind Flay. He has a Frostbolt Volley, which is an AOE Frostbolt. He has Frost Nova, which is an AOE snare/root. He has a normal melee attack, which he seems to use while Mind Flaying, and he also has one final, ultimate ability. Lich Slap. Ouch!

He doesn't have a lot of HP, so you shouldn't have too much trouble killing him. If casters and healers stand as far away from him as your spells allow, you won't get hit by his AOE spells at all.

Once he's dead, split up your loot! Warriors and Paladins will likely enjoy The Frozen Clutch, a pair of Mail DPS gloves. Hunters might like them as well, but they can't use them until 10 levels after the item's minimum level, so they'll likely find better. Casters and Healers of all flavors will like his other drops. A spell power necklace, Scorn's Icy Choker, and a spell power dagger, Scorn's Focal Dagger.

Again, these drops may not look like much to us level 70 players, but stats like raw attack power and spell power aren't exactly plentiful at these lower levels. These are very good items for their level, and they'll only be around for a limited time.

That's it for Scorn! If you're looking for another target, the closest in terms of level is Lady Falther'ess all the way in Razorfen Downs. Geographically the closest target is probably Lord Blackwood in Scholomance or Balzaphon in Stratholme. Go! Adventure!

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Scourge Invasion: Revanchion

Revanchion is a level 60 ghost... thing in Dire Maul: West. He's one of the more annoying-to-get-to invasion bosses. Not because he's all the way out in Feralas, but because he's in Dire Maul: West. To get to him you need the Crescent Key which is earned via a quest in Dire Maul: East. So he may be more trouble than he's worth, but that's not for me to decide!

If you're level 60 (or higher) I assume you know where Feralas is, I assume you know where Dire Maul is, so I'll forego the handy dandy map this time. If you have the Crescent Key, just run up into Dire Maul and get started. If you don't have the key, you can work around that by rounding up a bunch of ogres, letting them have their way with you by the door, releasing spirit, and rezzing on the other side. You bunch of cheaters.

When you're inside, there are some wandering trees you should deal with. If you're really good at timing and sticking together, you can get away with killing only one or two if you work around their patrols. On the other side, you'll come to a set of three archways.

The middle will lead you to Tendris Warpwood. We don't care about him. The right will lead to the upstairs section. We don't care about that either. Go left. You'll see an area like this:

See that ghost hanging out waayyy in the back in the corner? Like they should be wearing a dunce cap? That's Revanchion. Clear the trash here, then pull the boss!

The biggest problem when fighting this guy is he has an insanely high dodge rate and has Frost Armor. Your tanks will have very very low threat unless they're a Paladin, so be careful! Beyond that, the fight really isn't so scary. He has a Shadowbolt Volley he does now and then, but that's about it. He also melees, but it doesn't hurt much. Just kill him.

Unfortunately, the loot Revanchion drops isn't as good as the drops you were getting from earlier invasion bosses. At level 60, Outland gear is available to you, and that stuff is amazing. Back in 2006, though? Before epics were commonplace, and before we even had access to Outland? This stuff was top of the line.

So what does he have? He has some healing bracers, Bracers of Mending. Though with the spell power change, some regular caster could get use out of those! Shadow Priests would enjoy that Spirit for leveling, for example. There are some spell power gloves, The Shadow's Grasp. Melee classes can bask in the not-quite-glory of the Cloak of Revanchion. Lastly, he drops Corruptor's Scourgestones if you're wearing your Argent Dawn Commission (or similar trinkets) just in case you're working on Argent Dawn rep for achievements.

If you've never done Dire Maul before now, I recommend taking this opportunity to run through it. Heck, do all three wings if you can. They all tie together a bit while still having their own individual stories. It's a bit like what Burning Crusade dungeons should have been. It has wings, but they're all interconnected in little ways. You can go from one to the next without every stepping out of the instance if you want to do so. It's neat! Explore!

Now, let's go back to the Eastern Kingdoms with Lord Blackwood!

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The bosses of the Scourge Invasion

In the chaos of the plague and looming ziggurats, a portion of the overall invasion has been overlooked. Tenris Mirkblood of Karazhan isn't the only limited edition boss during this invasion, and not all of the content is exclusively for top level players. There are unique bosses with unique loot for players of all levels, starting from your early 20s right on to level 70.

Whether you're leveling your first character or you're leveling you umpteenth alt, the Scourge Invasion has something for you to do. You get to do it away from all of the chaos, too. Round up some appropriately leveled friends and fill out a group to tackle these bosses, or find a kind-hearted level 70 looking for something to do, and knock these guys out! Behind the link below you'll find a list of each of the bosses, as well as a quick guide for each one of them.

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Around Azeroth: Jurassic Zombie

If they make yet another sequel to everyone's favorite modern-day dinosaur movie, Jurassic Park, we at WoW Insider feel that the film would best be served by being shot entirely in World of Warcraft. The Devilsaur, of course, would have a starring role. And did we mention the zombies? Yes, such a cinematic jewel would, by necessity, feature zombies. We had a screenplay half-finished when this screenshot from Cinate of Sasquatch Vanguard on Azgalor arrived, showing us that our Jurassic Zombie concept had already been done, and better than we could have ever imagined it. In the meantime, our search for fame and glory continues. Raiders of the Lost Zombie, perhaps?

Do you have any unusual World of Warcraft images that are just collecting dust in your screenshots folder? We'd love to see it on Around Azeroth! Sharing your screenshot is as simple as e-mailing with a copy of your shot and a brief explanation of the scene. You could be featured here next!

Remember to include your player name, server and/or guild if you want it mentioned. We strongly prefer full screen shots without the UI showing -- use alt-Z to remove it. Please, no more battleground scoreboards.

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Zombie invasion phase 5.5 - quests to the faction leaders and Shattrath [Updated x4]

Phase 5.5, as we're calling it right now, has started. This phase is coming about approximately six hours after phase 5 began. There are new quests available from any commoner in a main city. The quest will send you to some folks right outside of A'dal's room, who will then send you to your faction leader. During the time you have this quest, you'll be whispered be a Frozen Shade or Dual-plagued Brain, taunting you to join the forces of the Lich King. We have a listing of what these evil creatures are telling you after the break.

It is all very, very evil. And very, very cool.

These quests all hint at a cure being found for the plague. Additionally, there are new structures appearing in Shattrath. They are all apparently being commanded by Grand Apothecary Putress (WoWWiki information).

The bullet points for this phase are as follows. Time stamped updates are given after the break.
  • A cure for the plague is being worked on.
  • New quests given by "commoners" in the capital cities.
  • Quests lead to Putress and the faction leaders.
  • Grand Apothecary Putress appears as a level 80 elite NPC in Shattrath.
  • Putress has some interesting idle conversation while in Shattrath.
  • The Night Elf faction leader hints at a new World Tree upon quest completion.
  • A Frozen Shade or a Dual-plagued Brain will have a conversation with you while you're completing the quests.
Look through our gallery below for the new images of this phase.

Many thanks to everyone who is sending up tips! You're helping everyone stay abreast of the latest invasion news!

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Argent Knight: My new best friend needs to level

One of the cooler things out of the zombie invasion is the quest rewards. The Argent War Horn stands as one of the most "epic" of all the rewards. This trinket will summon an Argent Knight to your side. He's got some spiffy abilities and stats. Let's take a look:
  • HP - 2442
  • Mana – 2434
  • Damage: About 100 melee and about 150 crusader strike on a level 60 mob.
He also has some spells:
  • Heal: Heals a person for around 700, often times casting when the person is at 25% or lower health.
  • Blessing of Protection: Target becomes immune to damage. Unknown when he casts this.
  • Crusader Strike: A powerful attack that increases holy damage done to the target.
The down side to this guy is that he's only level 60. That's kind of weird given that the trinket requires level 70 to use. I wouldn't be surprised to see his level increased to 70 in some future patch. However at the same time they might leave him at 60 just in order to keep this trinket as more of a joke item, rather then making it anything useful.

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Zombie invasion phase 5 begins [Updated x5]

It appears that phase 5 of the zombie invasion has begun. We'll be updating this post with what we know and are hearing throughout Azeroth.

So far we know of the following phase 5 changes:
  • Zombie infection down to 1 mintue.
  • Most Argent Dawn Healers have left. Ironforge only has three healers, one near the King, one on the second story of the inn near the auction house, and one near the flight path.
  • Most cities are being overran with zombies. Nearly everything and everyone is getting turned into one - NPCs and players alike.
  • Argent Dawn Paladins are handing out Lesser Mark of the Dawn. They should hand out more powerful ones as the event progresses. The current ones increase stamina by 11, or 110 HP.
  • There are zombies and infected rats spilling out of the Stockades in Stormwind. See a picture of it.
  • The Cenarion Circle realm crashed, and upon its revival there were no Argent Dawn Healers present. It appears the Cenarion Circle realm will become zombiefied in a matter of minutes. I wish all my friends there many many delicous brains.
Further Updates:
  • A new quest is available called "A Desperate Alliance". It hints at the Horde and Alliance joining forces! See the quest here.
  • A Frozen Shade has been confirmed to be whispering players "There. I found you...", "Your kingdoms shall fall, Human!", ""Your mighty castles will crumble and your loved ones will join the Lich King's ranks!"
  • Lots of new stuff. We'll be making a new post on this as soon as we gather all the available information.
I'll be updating the main list as we get new information. For time stamped updates, check after the break.
Zombies have entered the World of Warcraft in the Wrath of the Lich King world event! Check out our tips for eating brains, our zombie night gallery, or see Blizzard's official zombie infestation guide. They live! Braaiiiiinnnssss!

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Zombie infection down to 1 minute

This just in... you now become a zombie after only one minute.

After you kill a zombie infect player, creature, or NPC you'll become infected the plague that turns you into zombie. This plague now only takes one minute to increase your brain eating needs to epic levels.

Does this mean phase five is about to being? Update: Yes, it appears phase 5 is beginning.

We can't tell just yet, but we're all on the lookout for it. Phase 4 has brought lots of new rewards, events, and other fun things. Keep your eyes peeled, and if you see anything drop us a tip on our tip line!

Update: Almost all Argent Dawn Healers are gone. The only ones in IF I was able to find were near the flight path and the King's room.

WoW Insider likes us some braaaains!

Thanks to the many people who sent this in!

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Argent Dawn rewards during the Zombie invasion

Phase four of the zombie invasion has unlocked quite a bit of cool stuff in the game. Out in Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plague Lands sits an Argent Dawn Quartermaster. In order for him to even show you his wares, you need to complete the "Under the Shadow" quest from Commander Thomas Helleran who is nearby. There is also another quest called "Shadows of Doom" that you should complete along the way.

For the "Under the Shadow" quest you need to collect 10 Necrotic Runes. These runes are an uncommon item (though they are very common in drop rate) which you can get from killing any undead / scourge mob around a necropolis spawn point. You can find the zones these necropolises are in by looking for a purple skull on your continent map. Be forewarned though, there's a lot of people farming these items and you'll be hard pressed to get any without a group.

The "Shadows of Doom" quest requires you to kill an elite mob, a Shadow of Doom. These mobs don't hit very hard but are rather difficult to get a hold of unless you're in a group with a plan. In order to make a Shadow of Doom mob appear, you need to give 8 Necrotic Runes to a priest NPC near a necropolis spawn point – they're in the same area you'll pick up the Necrotic Runes from. To complete the Shadows of Doom quest, you'll only need to kill one Shadow of Doom.

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Breakfast Topic: How do you tag necropolis mobs?

It was an interesting time in Azeroth yesterday. Thousands of people on each server showed up to fight against the scourge invasion. The masses were tagging mobs left and right, all in hopes to get some elusive Necrotic Runes.

All this open PvE fighting has brought up an interesting question, one that many people have some strong feelings on. What is the appropriate way to tag mobs? Is it okay to camp spawn points and AoE immediately in order to grab some scourge? Is it okay to take away another person's Shadow of Doom? What about if you accidently tag something you shouldn't have? Do you give them some gold in exchange?

I have to admit, after trying for over two hours to summon a Shadow of Doom and tag it, my group decided to go a different route. We went to a new spawn point, summoned all four, and threw out as much AoE as possible. Our thought was that doing this would mean we'd at least be able to get one Shadow (we ended up getting them all). This of course upset everyone else that was there – but we had tried for a while before hand to get a single one. And we did summon all the Shadows ourselves.

While this might be a questionable activity to some, it's what we did. But what would you do? How have you handled, and will you handle, tagging these mobs?

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Around Azeroth

Around Azeroth

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